Technology Investment Proposals

 Technology Investment Proposals

All technology initiatives should be discussed with the Department of Technology Services before submission of the request to the Deparment of Management and Finances' Purchasing Office. 

The process to engage DTS in the technology review is to create at 'TIP' Technology Investment Proposal.  This is a three step process.

First, the deparment should provide DTS through the Office of the Chief Information Officer with a description of the technology investment under consideration.

Second, DTS will provide the department with a preliminary estimate of the costs and schedule for such an investment.  The department upon review of the preliminary estimate and further discussion with DTS as to the scope, schedule and extent of the investment should provide DTS with a initial approval to move forward with a final TIP.

Lastly, DTS will provide the Department or Office Director with a Final TIP that has been approved by either the CIO or Deputy CIO through their signature.  This final TIP must be approved by the Department or Office Director whose staff submitted the proposal. Until both singatures have been secured the project is not ready for submission to Purchasing.